by on December 31, 2018

Mistress Pauley has a recently new Chastity Tease video. I am only allowed to watch it right before I make a trbute or buy her a gift. Otherwise I would spend all my time watching it and, worse yet, it might lose its effect on me.

As I am about to make last week's tribute and today's gift sacrifce, I watched it once. I watched with headphones set on LOUD so as to burn Her Holy Words into my brain. The message is that I will be denied release permanently. That is so cruel and I am not even certain I can go without release permanently. But then, Mistress' word always prevails. What she says is absolute and my only task is to obey Mistress. So, I go without today, thinking about how I can please her. I try not to think about weeks, months and years from now. The indefiniteness and uncertainty of "permanently" is frightening. But my fear in this situatuon is not important, All that is important is Mistress Pauley's pleasure.

Thank you, Mistress Pauley. Thank you for denying me, Mistress Pauley. Thank your for your permanent Orgasm Denial Program, Mistress.

I worship you, Mistress.

There, now to visit Her Holy Wish List and Payment Options and make my submissive sacrifices to her today.