by on January 2, 2019

I want to make something VERY clear. I don't ban members because other members tell me to. We have a process IF a member has committed a TOS. There will be members that are rude to you etc etc. That is not a TOS unless its public on the site. We cant govern what happens OFF site or in private messages. Its too much to investigate and we can never get to the bottom of it. BLOCK that member. There are only a few things in Private messages I will look at. Mainly being threatened, blackmailed or harassed...

Even if those things occur, DO NOT THREATEN any other member by saying you are going to Admin. It just makes things worse, puts pressure on me and then myself and/or the site gets threatened. If you are a Domme you also need to remember if someone is acting crazy, then you are best Not to agitate them by bragging about reporting them or even getting nasty with them for whatever.

It is best to just move on and save yourself any psycho behavior....We also do NOT allow you to post their convos, don't agitate these people or cause anymore drama than needed