by on January 5, 2019

Who on heart dared to engrave this in our minds? Probably those whiling to pay to satiate their needs to be dominated in every other ways rather than financially.

If you send money to a girl for her to exploit whatever fetishes you are into, and she agrees with it. Don't you realise, you are in fact the one dominating? Because i truly do, where is the control of money in this scenario? Do you accept to have your budget established by her and stick to it? Do you obey her when she requires the amount of your bills or either when she decides you have to work more for her? I bet you probably don't and that is because you don't want to give up control of your finances. That's fair hun but stop trying to convince me you are a financial sub, when you only tribute to get something in exchange from me and have no real desires to let me control any aspect of your financial status. You know what is even worst than this? When you want to decide how much to send, how and when. Cherry on top to be the worst shitty "finsub" ever, is when you wish some sort of connection with a findom before even tributing? No logic, here!

Don't get me wrong, i also have fetishes but my goal here is to control your everything related to money. Not to give you anyhing you want from nudes to be humiliated when you have decided too. I will do what the fuck i want, when i want to, don't be demanding and you will receive, be a selfish asshole and you'll earn an amazing place on my blocked list. 😘