easily led
by on April 1, 2019

It was six months ago today that I began my service to Miss Dakota.  It has been absolutely wonderful!  For me anyway, and i do believe for Her too.


I never could have imagined when we started exchanging messages here on Findoms six months ago, that She would not only take over my world but that we would also forge such a strong bond.


Miss Dakota immediately struck me as such a caring and beautiful person but oh so Dominant with it.  She has this aura of invincibility which I find very compelling and irresistible.  Anyone who has seen Her images can see how very beautiful She is but I am a very privileged submissive because I have been allowed to see what a wonderful and amazing person She is beneath that physical beauty.


She has led me in amazing surprising directions uncovering abilities I did not ever conceive I could have.  But Goddess knew.   She always has such supreme confidence in me even when I doubt myself (which is quite often).  I’m sure I must drive Her nuts, but She never shows it.  She is always patient and kind, and never mean – not to me.  Though I know Her tolerance for stupidity is low!  Her standards are high, and She knows what She wants.  Anyone who doesn’t measure up is soon kicked to the curb.  I’m lucky that somehow, She thinks I am up to the task of pleasing Her.


And that’s all I want to do.  Please Her, make Her smile every day, help Her and support in whatever way I can, in whatever way She wants. We have a great easy-going relationship, which I absolutely love, but I know when She really wants something, my response is always going to be “Yes Goddess”.  And always said with a smile.  Because when Goddess is happy, I am happy.  She has such a great sense of humor too which certainly matches up well with my own.  She makes me laugh every day!


After 6 months, I trust Miss Dakota implicitly.  I know She has my best interests at heart, and I know also She will challenge me more in the future and prove all over again my trust in Her and my desire to serve Her in the best way that I can.


I’m old enough to know that life is always full of surprises, but I truly believe I will belong to Miss Dakota for a very long time; this has been just the first 6 months of the rest of my life serving my dream Goddess.  I can’t see into the future but if I have the guidance and influence of Miss Dakota, everything will be just fine with this devoted and very lucky submissive boy.


Thank You for finding me, my Goddess Dakota.  Thank You for everything You do for me – You are my dream Goddess, You are always beautiful to me and I will be Your’s for just as long as You can put up with me!  ♥♥♥