by on April 24, 2019

There are two white, lovely pedestal fans on one of my amazon wishlists for purchase. I could easily afford these on my own. However, I do not wish to use my hard earned money to buy them. I want to use your hard earned money to buy them. Since the weather is starting to warm up I shall be "needing" these very soon. There are parts of my house where these will be essential. Almost as essential as a sub cleaning the toilet bowl using his overworked mouth and often underworked tongue. 

Should you desire to part with some of your hard earned money for my pleasure and comfort, then bravo well done. If you have decided to ignore this, boo hoo on you. Small things of this nature are what often lead to larger, better things down the road. But if you do not bother to take a small step like this, you will left with the rest of the dogs sitting on the porch...And lets face it, no one wants to be left doing that.

The list for said above items are as follows:

If you are not ready for such a worthy financial step you may choose to only purchase one of the items I require. Also feel free to peruse the rest of my list and other lists off to the left if you are truly undecided, as im sure there is something for every budget on my lists.It isnt the size of the gift or tribute but the sacrifice behind it.. Have fun, and may the odds be always in MY favor.