by on April 28, 2019

Hello, Orgasm Denial Connoisseurs,

April 15 marked 11 months in Ms Pauley Belle's Orgasm Denial Program. I must say I am getting used to it. I might as well get used to it as I see no release permission from Mistress Pauley in the near future or far future for that matter. Mistress keeps me aroused for her pleasure. My pleasure is not necessarily unimportant but it takes a distant second to her pleasure. I am allowed the pleasure I feel from pleasing Mistress, for example.

Thank you for not letting me release, Mistress. Thank you for taking what you want from me, Mistress. Thank you for not letting me ask for release, Mistress.

Next month I will have 12 months or 1 year without release. I plan to keep monthly track of my Orgasm Denial for 18 months which will be a recod for me. Afer that, I may resign myself to not releasing and stop blogging about it. Of course, Mistress Pauley's permission is required for any changes.

This month's Orgasm Denial gift will be a shampoo and conditoner set. My spending is restricted to afford the DomCon LA road trip and asociated tributes and gifts. A trip to the DomCon exhibitors is a must, of course.

Thank you, Mistress Pauley.



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