Ms. Pauley Belle
by on April 29, 2019

   I am getting ready for the convention, DomCon, beginning next month in LA. Not sure subs realize all that entails. The cost and time involved in the planning are more than some assume. How to travel, staying at convention hotel or elsewhere, clothing/necessities, so many choices. 

   I have not been west of New Orleans, so decided to take a road trip and see more of this country. This adds in gasoline, more hotels, food expenses. Have been planning to see areas of interest on the way to LA and back. All of this takes money. 

   This time, I have decided not to stay at the convention hotel. I like having private time, so being away from everyone is important. Sub found a lovely Air B&B for us to stay at. Again, this takes money. 

   Clothing for all of the events and play parties can be added to wishlist. Takes time to pick out the outfits. Getting makeup, hair care, tooth care, and other necessities together. Packing and repacking takes time as well. Most of these items are easy for subs to purchase. 

   Tickets for the convention can be purchased ahead of time or cost more at the door. Sub took care of these. I decided not to worry about the Awards Dinner. My sub and I will make an early night of it after the Red Carpet. Play parties are more important to me, so I will be rested up for them. This adds in the cost of new dungeon items to use. More expenses to cover.

   I am sure subs, you can see why it is important to tribute to a Domme or Dommes that is attending. Never attend without bringing those tributes to thank the Ladies for their time spent. Even if you do not attend, covering costs should be a priority. Just think of all of the pictures and memories that Domme will have, that you helped with. Dig deep subs.

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