by on May 4, 2019

Today, I find myself wearing a cock cage, with a shaved crotch and thighs and toenails that are

painted with clear polish. My finances are no longer my own and the woman that I call Goddess
controls my life.
Although I am not wearing my cock ring or panties at this moment, that is how my submission
started. Goddess wanted me to wear Her collar and instead of opting for the traditional one
around the neck, She decided on something a bit more discrete but still very effective, my cock
ring. You have seen a photo of it, it is a little heavy, made from metal with a braid going around
it. It is just tight enough to remind me that even my cock is not my own anymore.
Over time, Goddess and I purchased panties for me to wear, not every day, but to fulfill Her
desires to remind me on occasion, that I was no longer a man in the real sense of the word.
At first my crotch was not shaved and from time to time, I was commanded to wear my cock
cage (the CB-6000). While this was humiliating and humbling, Goddess did not stop there, She
wanted me to shave to further remind me of my place in Her world.
From a shaved crotch we progressed to painting my nails and shaving my thighs, continuing my
submissive journey.
It has now been seven days that I have been caged and it serves as a constant reminder that this
cocklet belongs to Goddess and only She has the power to let it free.