by on May 14, 2019

Hello potential slaves.

I am seeking:

  • A sub that enjoys humiliation
  • A sub that enjoys completing tasks
  • A sub that is willing to prove completion of tasks through video or photographic proof.
  • A sub that is eager to please and amuse their Goddess
  • A sub that craves being ridiculed and humiliated
  • A sub that can't get hard without verbal abuse and torture

What is required of you as My slave:

1. you will sign a contract for 1 month of slavery and servitude that could be extended after your trial period

  • To reinforce the contract, you will provide a video of you reading your contract terms out loud while kneeling and naked

2. There is a weekly tribute required, amount to be discussed. Tribute is to be sent every Monday. Dismissal and release of personal information if tribute is not sent.

What you can expect from Me as your Domme during this time:

1. Daily/Weekly humiliating tasks with ridicule/rewards for completion

2. Penalty Fees for not completing tasks given exactly how I said to do them
3. Permission to privately chat with Me via Kik
4. Verbal Humiliation
5. Occasional Skype chats for good behavior

And...whatever other little crumbs of attention I decide to give you

If this position sounds like something you're interested in:

PM Me with the subject "Loser For Princess Jazzi" and let's see if we're compatible.