by on May 15, 2019

The best part about BDSM, is there it can come in so many variations. Each Domme has their style, and each sub has their own way to submit. It's the joining of the two, and making that power exchange last that lead to a wonderful journey. My question to the community, is.. Can friendship and D/s work well together? There are some that enjoy topping 24/7, being as strict as possible, as rough as possible - without ever taking a step back. And there are some who enjoy 'scenes'. These are moments of kink and play, and after the moment has finished, aftercare and general respectful banter is welcomed. 

I am sure there are a myriad of ways friendship and D/s can be influenced and shared with one another. I only have MY opinion to work from, but would love to hear from Ladies and boys alike on their take. I have owned kittenbitch for around 5 years now. Not only are we in a total power exchange, but we're friends. I genuinely care about his life, goals, problems, issues, etc. The same could be said for him, I am sure. I find great pleasure in knowing that if I need to call him at work to vent about stupid shit, I can. There is always a line of respect, a sense of authority over him, but it isnt forced. It's natural, and just chatting is a major part of our relationship. Keeps him on his toes for when I flip the script and begin to play/tease at MY discretion.

I've found that when I try to enter into this dynamic with others, to get to to know them, they half expect me to just be harsh/cruel/mistress throughout the entirety of the conversation. For me, that is exhausting. I want someone that understands that friendship is possible within a power exchange, and that I'm a real domme looking for another obedient real submissive. The lifestyle and kink of financial domination isnt a way for me to make money - its a way that I strip away another's control and independence. It is very possible, for me, to make the two sides of the coin work. If there is a sub interested in serving, all he need do is approach.

I am unsure if I am rambling, or if this blog came out to a cohesive thought. I'll pose the original question for the findoms community to answer in the comments, and spark some discussion. Can friendship and D/s work well in BDSM?