by on May 26, 2019

I wish there was a way to tell ladies when they are engaging with finsubs not to go starry eyed and immediately make plans for promised gifts or tributes. Often times ladies do this and then call the supposed finsub all sorts of names when they dont get the items. I am not saying the sub isnt in the wrong for not sending if that is the case but it is a two sided dilemma. This may sound like I am blaming the women and I suppose to a degree I am, but both sides need to take responsibility for their actions. I just believe in equal blame for all parties, so if this ruffles your feathers I apologize. Just dont count the gifts and such as valid until they are in your hands, inbox or account. Dont get hung up on them or end up depending on them, because when you do that you are giving away your power and it shows. Dont get blinded by a perceived promise. I guess overeagerness may play a part in this as does a willingness to appear successful. This isnt just a new domme thing either it can happen to anyone I suppose, but is especially prevalent in the new dommes as alot dont know what to expect. Just a bit of advice, dont count your chickens before they hatch. Expectations can run high and often you may be left feeling flat due to your own actions and it sucks balls to kick yourself when you are down.