by on May 27, 2019

Owned by Goddess CopperLotus


Goddess had freed my locked cocklet after 36 days. This is the longest period of time She had ever

kept it caged. During this time of confinement I was made to wear panties as further
humiliation and a reminder of my place in Her world. I grew more submissive with each passing
day of not being able to get hard when thinking about Her, as well as the constant reminder
that I would have to sit down to pee and pull down my panties. 

In the past, Goddess had said that I would be locked for a day or so, but I was always told in
advance of when I would be freed. This time was different, there was no preset duration. It was
all at Her discretion (as is everything I do) and I must say, it was totally erotic. The idea of not
knowing for how long I would be locked was such a turn on that it made me want to serve and
please Goddess all the more.

When Goddess told me to unlock myself the other day I felt relief knowing that my cocklet
would be once again have the ability to get hard when dreaming or thinking of Her.
The experience has reinforced my desire to serve Goddess and has heightened my submissive
feelings towards Her. I know that this freedom can be taken away at any moment and that too
is highly erotic.