Mistress hardcore
by on June 2, 2019

I think a big misconception and something that puts some men and subs off sending a tribute or even approacing a Domme is that they have to be  well off,have a lot of disposable income and so on


I can see why it looks daunting from the outside,perhaps a sub has seen pictures or clips of a Domme getting a lot of gifts or a big tribute,maybe pictures of piles of cash


But don't let it put you off,now I am only speaking personally here but it is more than just about the money and gifts but the sacrifice behind it,maybe you have sent your last bit of money or paid for my nails to be done it does not always have to be some huge amount,knowing you want to please me is just as important 


Tributes big or small I welcome them all


Off course as I have mentioned I write this on a personal level,so don't be put off there is a level of tributes and submission for all to enjoy