Mistress hardcore
by on June 3, 2019

Not only is a psychological aspect important for a true,deep Domme/Sub relationship but it is also a very interetsing part


Why do I think it is important?

Well it is the thing that bonds us,it is something used to gain a greater understanding of how someone ticks and also can be used to explore further into shared kinks and fetishes,it is also important from a boundary aspect and personally I think without it what do you have? If you want a true connection with another human you need to connect on many levels 


Not only is it important but fun,getting inside someones head,using it to your advantage (In a positive way obviosuly) I love having a spot inside my subs mind,I like that he thinks about me,that he is looking forward to his next contact with me,or thinking of ways to please me,thinking before acting,for example does he really need to buy that or could he send me the money instead or if he sees soemthing he knows I would like to buy it for me,I like knowing that throughout the day I am always somewhere in his thoughts 


It works both ways,if I can figure out what really makes him tick it can be fun to use that,to heighten our relationship and time together,to push them to be the best version of themselves they can be


It is an aspect I have always enjoyed,I want that deep conenction with the men who want to serve me,I want to understand them,push them,help them let go and just be the person they want to be