by on June 4, 2019

You might have an inadequate penis if...


1. There is a resemblance between your penis and a grain of rice.

2. Sex with mosquitos is even a remote possibility.
3. Tic tacs make you angry, because they will go into a womans mouth
4. A paperclip has a greater thickness
5. You can use a finger cot as a condom
6. A old loaf of bread can get hard more times than you
7. You can breathe in and it disappears.
8. When you were born the doctor refused to circumsize you, because there wasnt enough there.
9. you go swimming and suddenly you turn into a girl.
10. The california raisins can call you up in the middle of the night laughing.

Buck up buttercup, im sure that bee sting therapy feels real nice about now.

If you have an inadequate penis fear not, there are other uses women may have for you.

A fluffer for instance for her lovers who can pentrate her in the way that you could never , ever dream of.
A toilet paper holder, but that is if you can even get it up.
A constant source of laughs for women online, as I highly doubt you can meet a woman of substance in real life.

Dont worry even a man(lol) like you given your shortcomings has a purpose in this world even if it is to only make others laugh. Now pay your small penis reparations to the nearest female in your life and feel free to explain in painful detail why you are doing this for her benefit. You never know what a positive and uplifting experience it could be. Give in to your desires and let everyone know that you got shortchanged by nature, im sure not one single woman will laugh at you....but many more than that,lol.