by on June 9, 2019

kitten and I recently discovered the delightful toys of They're bluetooth/wireless sex toys for long distance interactivity. I did have the opportunity to use one with one of my new subs, but look forward to using it on my slave. The app was easy to navigate, and understand. I've practiced and had kittenbitch purchase the hush plug, size small. There was a rush of power, dominance, and control when using the toy. Was a delight to see the sub squirm and beg from a reaction to a stimulus I provided. I love real time play, but am just unable to accomodate that besides my subby hubby. So to get as close as I can to being there and having power over my sub is an absolute pleasure. I can see this easily becoming a regular staple in my scenes. It can be used as a butt plug, or even against the testes, penis, and anywhere senstive really. 

I highly recommend this product to Dommes, and subs alike. It was a sub who introduced it to me. And I must say, I am impressed with their products thus far. I plan on having kittenbitch write a blog once he receives his plug, and detail his first experience with me. Considering he's never used a vibrator, this should be a fun read. A sub or slave should be willing to put that absolute trust into their owner, to try and experience new things. I am especially excited to use the plug and its features in a findom context. Play a game or two where the odds are never in his favor.. 

Are there any Dommes that would use the products? Any subs that would give that level of control to a Domme? As always, I like to end my blogs on some questions to promote a healthy discussion of of the lifestyle.