by on June 10, 2019

I began as an online Findom, manipulating pathetic men's fantasies for their hardly earned money, but as time has gone by, I realize I'm just a tool for them to jerk off to. Pay for play doesn't satisfy my growing need to use your perversions against you. My personal satisfaction begins with turning you into my little puppet and my young pussy swells and dampens at the thought of you descending deeper into the realm of complete debauchery. This isn't for my amusement. This is how I derive sadistic pleasure, taking you deeper and deeper into your own personal hell.

I will occupy the last bit of grey matter in that defenceless little mind of yours and you will sacrifice everything, over time, slowly until your transformation into my plaything, my pet, my doll, my victim is complete. And when you are so far away from where you are now as you read this, so far removed from the male you to the ball of putty I make you into, your only choice will be to give it all up for me. Your life will belong to me.

I may turn you into a dog. You'll sleep on a dog mattress, in a kennel because in time, it will seem natural to do so. You will eat and drink from your doggie dishes. You will use the bathroom like a dog and you will bark and whine like a dog to communicate. I may steal all of your masculinity, although it's not stealing when you offer it up to me.