by on July 18, 2019

There has been an age old debate as to whether dominance can be a learned action or not. I am of the belief that it can be. If submissives can be "trained" so can others to become dominant or to become more dominant. I dont like that either you are born that way or you simply are not. Im fairly sure no one was born dominant right off the bat, it was something we learned to be when we observed the world around us and decided how we wished to interact with it.

You can tell sometimes that someone isnt naturally dominant in their actions. That is not to say that they cant learn to be. That is not to say that they cannot become more so. If they desire to be so or to become more so that is their right, it doesnt make me worried or insecure.

Submissive men have learned to become dominant in their vanilla lives out of need. So why can it not be said that some women can learn to be dominant as well? What is the harm in admitting that it is possible? If submission can be learned then why not dominance? Whether or not the individual can carry it out to even a believable degree is anyone's guess, but why not give them the room to try? People have the ability to adopt a "take charge attitude" if they may seem weak or meek and to me that is very similar to this discussion.

Not everyone was born to be dominant and that is fine, but far be it from me to say that someone else cant learn to be if they so desire. It is not a set in stone rule somewhere that it is not possible.That is not for me to choose for them nor judge them for their personal desire to become so. I will do me and focus on me and applaude the women who come to realize that their destiny is calling them. I will celebrate their desire to be dominant and pray for more epiphanies in the future.