Mistress Kim
by on July 26, 2019

Communication. We hear that it is extremely important in our day to day lives. We use it at work, home, and in kink. But what is communication? According to google communication is; “The imparting or exchanging of information or news”. However we are on a fetish site, so how does this apply? In my time in the fetish world, I have found that lack of communication is the number one problem between dominates and submissives. Not timewasters or fake doms, lack of proper communication. Let me tell you why I think this is the case.


I have had many subs express to me that they want to serve me. Great. I love to dominate and I only want to dominate subs who truly crave me. It's a beautiful thing. However, it's a process to get to the point of full trust and complete power exchange. It will take time, effort, and a lot of TAlKING. I have had subs be fine one moment, then just ghost me. Or take hours to respond and I’m left to wonder what the fuck happened? To me, it's EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL. I don't get a message saying, “Sorry, mistress. I am talking to you at work, so I will respond it just may take me some time”. Or, “ I apologize, Mistress. I need to go but I will be back online to chat with you shortly”. In the beginning, a proper dominate (who does not own you btw), will understand that you have vanilla obligations. She will appreciate you more if you tell her why you are not responding instead of leaving her on read. Another example I can think of is that I have given a submissive a task. They have agreed to do the task and then it never gets done. It's frustrating becuase I allow ample time for the task to be done and I get no response back. If you cant complete a task for whatever reason, now I’m taking in the beginning stages of serving a dom, you NEED TO TELL HER. DONT JUST NOT RESPOND. Or if you have decided that the dom you are talking to is not the correct fit or you, you need to communicate that. Yeah, is awkward and she will be pissed, but in the end, if it's not the right fit it's not going to last anyway. If you believe that she has given you a task that you aren't ready for, tell her! It's not rocket science. It's a crazy scary to find a dom that fits you, it can also be daunting. COMMUNICATE  for fuck's sake! If you tell me you are busy, I will understand, to a point. Abusing this will also not help you. We are getting to know one another and for me, I want this to be a life long “relationship”, so we got time. But not responding at all is the wrong move! Even tho we can not “call out” subs on this site. We talk to each other and We tell other doms about you. It will not help you if you don't communicate properly. Now I understand that some subs are crap and they will just ghost and they can fuck themselves. But this blog is for the ones who truly want to be owned. Don't be that submissive who screws up his chances with his perfect dominate because you ghosted. You going to feel extremely sad thinking about what could have been. If you have done this there might still be hope. If your dom has not blocked you can apologize and tell her your reasoning for why you didn't respond. You can also volunteer an apology tribute you sweeten the deal. I’d recommend sending that tribute first, then your message. It will be up to the dom what happens after that.