Marceline Powers
by on July 29, 2019

"hello, i awoke the day after our session with an odd psychic hangover."

"You have the ability to not only drain me of funds, but of willpower. it's odd to be on the receiving end of that."
"i did open up that 4th account, mainly to review our past chat log."

And of course to max his credit cards.

And like clockwork he crawls back.
with a wallet full of money he apologizes.
with a wallet full of money he adores.
with a wallet full of money he surrenders to the moment.

"i am a loser and i always will be. i adore you and i always will."

This Goddess, see's many different caricatures of male beings.
But this one is a sailor.
 he sails away into the rough and unpredictable seas with nothing but an image.
An image of Her,
an image of lust and love,
an image of purpose and life itself,
an image of the Goddess challenging and driving him.
he might be gone for days, weeks, months or even years, that doesnt matter to a Goddess who worships Herself.
but he arrives, only to come back with a ship full of treasure and the biggest smile on his face.
he climbs every obstacle on the way to the Temple, hauling the treasure on his back, really feeling the pain and struggle to get to Her.
It is harder to reach Her than it was to collect the treasure he now carries.
he knows this is it.
This is value.
Once he makes it to Her front steps, he kneels and offers Her to take what She pleases.
She then reflects on his journey, the sacrifices he made, the difficulties he put himself through in order to bring this treasure to Her.
Goddess Marceline can see his value as well and takes what he has earned.
he leaves the entire treasure at the Temple, he has no use for treasure except to deliver to Goddess Marceline.
She gives him the last smile before She turns to Herself and his soul is replenished.
he leaves the Temple after worshipping Her and returns to the seas.
Searching for more to bring back.