by on August 5, 2019

Group game nights are dangerous. It gives her the opportunity to prowl.

“Have you heard of Financial Domination?” one of the gamer’s asked. I had inadvertently flustered him, delightfully unnerving him with my blunt mannerisms. He slipped up and called me “Mommy”.

Swatting at losers from the bars of the cage again.

I know this man-child well. He holds true to the gamer stereotype, a greasy thirty-something that lives in his mother’s basement. I know why he asked, something he could potentially hold over me. He longs for the days when I wasn't around, when he could pretend to be what he is not.  Jokes on him, I'm not ashamed of it.

Not worth the time and energy, that’s not prey that’s a blob fish. 

I know he can’t handle direct eye contact, backs away from the challenge. So, I stared straight faced into his beady little shit brown eyes, he looked away almost immediately and scurried away.


However, it put the though in my mind. I had a small loyal following four years ago. That was before I relocated to part of the U.S where high speed unlimited internet was a myth and dropped off the face of the world. Now that I had returned to civilization why not?

Oh? Do tell. 

Perhaps because I had packed my dominance up into a little cage inside of myself, because that was the cost of my success when I moved.

 Since then I have prowled the bars, scaled the walls, wailed for my freedom and swatted at what I can reach.

I know she hasn’t died. She’s escapes on occasion, fights/arguments, PMS, drunken holiday parties. Always stuffed back into her cage by morning.

You love it and you know it Bitch. 

However, what would she do if I opened the cage an accepted her back? She’s not rabid, merely neglected and vengeful. The though was exciting and terrifying, to be who I once was.

Yes! Let us be one again. 

Crack the cage door, let her at least smell the pending freedom.

No. If you’re going to open the cage, then open it. 

Slowly, start slowly.

I promise nothing. 

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