by on August 5, 2019

Owned by Goddess Copperlotus

Written July 31st, 2019


Uncaged 2


My Goddess has kept Her cocklet caged for twenty-eight straight days now, cumming once prior to that and then only after being locked for thirty days.  

I have been informed that I will be allowed to uncage myself tonight in order to both clean the cage thoroughly (I do daily cleanings with q-tips and soap), wash Her cocklet and let it air out before another round of being locked for Her pleasure at a date and time of Her choosing.

I want to thank Goddess for this privilege and temporary freedom.

The cage is a more formal reminder of Goddesses control over me and the freedom that I so willing turned over to Her. When not wearing the cage, I have a cock ring that I wear as a form of a collar.  

I have adjusted to being locked for Goddesses pleasure and know that being locked is my  new normal and my freedom and ability to cum, now more than ever are totally at Her discretion.  They always were under Her control, but this was a much needed reminder.

Being caged, always makes me feel more submissive and weaker for Goddess and Her desires, whether it is paying for lunch when She is with a friend, or helping with Her monthly bills; the cage puts a certain spin on life.  These feelings grew stronger with each passing day that I was locked.

While in the cage, Goddess would intentionally do or say things to tease me, which would cause the cage to fill and at times I thought something would burst.  This gave Her great joy but caused me much squirming and a feeling of weakness, all of which I endure for Her pleasure.

I will enjoy my freedom for however long it pleases my Goddess, knowing that being caged is just a command a way.