by on August 12, 2019

Owning a finsubs credit card used to be an actual goal of mine. To develop the trust between another, where I spend - they pay? Sounds like an absolute girl's best day. I came across a little slave around 5 years ago that indulged in that goal alongside me. He signed me as an authorized user to one his cards. The rush of power, of dominance - of complete control was absolutely exhilirating. I spent like it was no tomorrow! I'd have to say that experience is what helped me realize how interest, and paying off card debt is essential - and necessary for any long term arrangement with someone who hands over complete control. Ruining another is not an interest of mine. It is easy to get lost in the 'swipe' of things. 

Then reality settles in.

The end game either goes a certain number of ways: you lose the sub, you never grow as an individual, the sub eventually pays off the debt, you keep the sub, etc. I manage to grow, the sub paid the debt, and the lucky little worm is still mine. Now, together we've indulged in that 'fantasy' of authorised usership.. and found what works best for U/us. Since privacy is a big component of our RL parts, when the credit companies started to send new offers in my name.. to his address? That fantasy came to a swift end. However, ownership over that account never ceased. We added it to PP, amazon, and anywhere else I could have unlimited access to withdraw from. I do miss seeing my name on the shiny plastic; that was easy access to whatever I desired. However, long term ownership and accountability, we've established a dynamic where he recieves the CC bill, and has zero clue as to what was purchased. Another incredible Domme high, to place him in such a way where he is literally at my mercy. The pic in the blog was what he sent me, asking if I made those purchases because they seemed so small, and clumped together. I told him those were magic the gathering cards from amazon. A girl needs her gaming! lol

He never knows what the bill will be, until he rips open that envelope. It's absolute trust, that in the 5 years of his being mine? I know a stopping point now. Because the debt I give him - must be paid. There is an end, and not everything can be purchased because I want it right THEN. Somethings require patience, time, and dedication - and not just our relationship. To make a long lasting power exchange evolve and not get boring, you have to be willing to settle and understand that some compromising is necessary. That's another important part of this fetish - being fiscally intelligent and responsible. I'm creating something deeper, manageable, and I know how to my money. And yes, his wallet is My 'money'. 

Are there any Dommes that have had similar experiences with subs? subs that have had similar experiences with Dommes? How do you keep it working? Any little boys interested in approaching and trying new depths.. send Me a message.