Goddess Kae
by on August 14, 2019

This is just a thought I've had and it's not really a complete one, because I came about this realization/idea a few weeks ago and forgot to write down a more polished version.


I have noticed, that despite the Patriarchy, we actually live in a Female Supremacist Society. 

How you may ask? It's incredibly complex, but at the end of the day, despite what any man says, they're working towards pleasing a woman or doing something on behalf of a woman. They get a good job to please a woman, they change their lifestyle and their attitudes for women, they are hoping to be selected by women to be their mate--if the woman deems them worthy enough. Granted, we are faced with a Patriarchy now, but that's because most men can't accept the fact that everything they do is inevitably for women.

You may be thinking, well what about the girls stripping for me? They're working to please me! But they're actually not. You get the privilege of being in the company of the woman who has decided they'd like to dance for you. You're paying them the money you spent making all day at work and within minutes it's gone...but it took you hours to earn. So you spend more to try to make the girl like you, but once you've shown that you can't pay or afford anymore (are no longer useful), she moves on to another who can. You clearly don't have the upper hand in this situation, no matter what delusion you choose to subscribe to that makes you feel like you do. If you try to do what you want, she has a bigger and stronger male there to protect her and escort you out-- and at the end of the night, she pays this man for working for her (via club fees, etc).

Most situations that you think you are the one who is dominant, you truly aren't. We are adaptable, we are clever and diligent in the images of ourselves that we project to you. And from what I've noticed, if it placates you into thinking you're the alpha or dominant or the one running the show in any way, you'll just accept it. Even the submissive women are still running things. Submission is given, and it's decided by the woman whether she deems you worthy enough to have her submission. When she does submit, she allows you to act out your fantasy of being in control. If she is a 24/7 slave, she has allowed you to continue your fantasy.

Men constantly complain about a woman's Pussy Pass, but it's not a pass at all. It's just the result of naturally being at the top of the hierarchy. If women weren't so threatening, men wouldn't try to so hard to kill us, to silence us, to bury us. There's a reason you can't handle the word no, and that's because we have allowed you to live in your delusion for too long. Nobody has taken the time to explain to you that women have been running the show from the beginning. Without us, there would be no more of you, without women you wouldn't be trying so hard to better yourself.

Take incels for example. They're men who surround themselves with other men and feed on the lies that they tell themselves. They try to condemn women and are insistent that we are to blame for their problems, but in reality, their problems are happening because they do not have the guidance of a woman to remove them from their all-male cess-pit. How well are incels doing compared to the rest of the population? Even well adjusted men have disdain for them.

This blog is a little jumbled, but what my point is, is this. Men spend their lives being raised by women, they go out into the world and then with the tools they've received and the wisdom they've learned from women, they apply it to their lives. Some men decide that they would love to (essentially) be in the service of another woman again, so they go on to transform themselves into a suitable mate. A woman will choose whether she deems him equal enough or useful enough to be a part of her life. When they marry, he is now living his life according to her rules. The whole "ball and chain" reference isn't because she's a drag, it's because he's realized that he is now going to be in service to a woman for the rest of his life, or until he decides he no longer wants to serve her. The wedding ring is just a collar.

Anyway-- I'll clean this post up when I have had more time to organize my thoughts, but I just wanted to write down what I've been thinking about and mulling over in my mind for a while. You may not see it now, but just watch how men and women interact and think about the relationships in your own life. Maybe it's different for me because I have always been the dominant in my life. Even though I am married and sometimes submit to my husband, it's still me choosing whether I want to give him the power for a bit.

Otherwise, I am the one that leads this relationship. I am the one that pays the bills, makes the grocery lists, decide when we clean house, chooses dinner (that he cooks), decides whether he can spend any money in our account (that is in my name), decides when we will be having sex (unless he is not in the mood-- which I absolutely respect), and handles everything else that makes our life run smoothly. He goes to work, cares for the children, cooks dinner, and caters to my wants and needs. It truly is a Female Lead Relationship-- as are most. Even in a traditional 1950s household, the woman still ran the show, she just did so behind the scenes as women have been doing for centuries. There's a reason King Henry VIII had so many wives and it was because he couldn't handle the fact that despite him being king, he still was subservient to women.

I am curious to hear other people's points of view on this. I want to know what you have noticed or have encountered yourself, as either a man or a woman. I want this to be a discussion and a forum for people to also voice their thoughts and opinions. I only tolerate civil discussion, so if it puts your panties in a knot to read and consider this position and you want to say nasty things about it, move on I honestly don't care to hear your drivel.