by on August 15, 2019

Good evening beautiful Miss Morrigan. Here's a little blog I've written to show you just how I feel about you and I. I hope it's ok....I feel so comfortably ensconced in your power over me. It isn't really a wonder that I finally surrendered to your superior power. You truly know what's best for me. You give out punishments just as quickly as rewards for good behaviour. You're a true Goddess among humans. I'm so lucky to be in your service, I never want to leave. I exist to make your life easier and a little happier. You don't play a dominant part with me as such. You keep it real. I often find myself daydreaming about being the little troll under your desk, doing your bidding as you go about your work day. I feel so lucky to have had you claim me. I'm always trying to keep up with your gift requests and sometimes it isn't easy on my wallet, but I cherish your absolute control, so I make the sacrifice for your happiness. It is totally and utterly worth it and what I long to do. You're my Earth bound Goddess to serve for as long as you will have me. With love and devotion from your little wimpy xxx