by on September 5, 2019

The following are just my thoughts and observations as they pertain to findom and the fetish world in general. Take these words with a grain of salt and a mighty shot of tequila if you must.

A dominant woman would not say, " Let me Dominate you." That gives boys the impression that they are the ones in control by "letting" you control them. A dominant woman has an aura that is exuded in everything she does. She doesnt have to ask someone if she can dominate them, they surrender and it just naturally happens in the manner in which it should. Cam girls and professionals are obviously excluded from this description.

Another thing a dominant woman especially in the findom fetish does not say, " I Need.." No, you do not need anything from a financial submissive. You have wants and desires, you do not have "needs". The moment a want or desire turns into a need is when the power dynamic shifts and the domme often ends up being the puppet instead of the puppeteer.

A dominant woman's words should command respect and demand, but never seem uneededly harsh unless that is her way. A common misconception is that you have to be a total utter bitch in order to be successful. Confidence is key, and people can see through you if it is anything less than 100%.