by on September 6, 2019

As of June 15, 2019

Well, 13 months isn't bad. I am very used to going without. Of course, I would not go without on my own, but with Mistress Pauley's strict Orgasm Denial Program, it is easy to do without. In fact I don't often think about it. But when I am so horny from going without releae, I bow before Mistress Pauley and worship her with gratitude.

I go without for Mistress Pauley because it pleases her. In turn, it makes me more aroused and more generous with her tributes, gifts and bill payments. She is pleased, I am pleased, a win-win. And all I have to do is not be obsessed about release, but just live my life day to day without that.

Thank you for not letting me release, Mistress Pauley. Thank you for continuing my training, Mistress Pauley. Thank you for accepting my sacrifices to you, Mistress Pauley. Thank you, Mistress Pauley.