by on September 7, 2019

The moment I made these subs chance me for my time the whole concept of findom as a real powere exchange blew up with more success than I thought possible. See when I first come online I seen so many “gotta catch em all” dommes that I was gobsmacked. It appeared to them that was the only way to succeed.

News flash. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It really is work. However, when you find that sweet spot of a steady income on your own and draining these subs for just the right amount to scare them but not break them. Then buddy this carreer is amazing!

Let me first say that I am no better than any other Domme out here. I just have a sight advantage in experience as a Pro Domme. I share my knowledge when and where I can online. I don’t offer one on one coaching as of yet. But today here is my tid bit to help you along the way.

This was one of my messages when a sub approached a year ago that sent him through the roof. The fact that I use it as an example now means he pays me €100 every time I post it. Why because he has to work to keep my attention.

”Give me a reason to want to spent time humiliating you. I have no interest in “make me send” subs when I have subs begging to send triple digits.

I look for the quality interaction. Subs who chose to brighten my day, have an income to keep up with MY whims and happy to send the moment I call.

If you want to be on my level you with work for it or be gone to the dommes who toss ownership around like it’s candy.

This is a power exchange for a reason.

Give me a reason to want to pay attention to your existence or piss off to someone who has all the time in the world!”

So stop and think before you go message that sub who viewed your profile, or comment on a like he/she did. Are you making them work for your time or are YOU working for there time?

Stop giving away ownership like it is candy. Make them want it, beg for it and need it. So that when they are owned by you they are proud of it.

Remember this IS a Power Dynamic. Show them that power!