Ms. Pauley Belle
by on September 7, 2019

We know men are visual creatures. Do we take that into account when we post pictures? What do your pictures say about you? What message are you sending to subs? How does that picture impact them or how they can serve?

Everything we post should send a message. Each one is advertising us. Before you post a picture, ask yourself, "Is this how subs should see me and does it reflect my style?". 

Be aware of your surroundings. One of my biggest pet peeves is bathroom pictures. Clean the mirror, straighten the counter up, pick up towels and laundry.  Messy background speaks volumes subliminally. If you are saying you are a Goddess, it is hard to believe if you are surrounded by a mess. 

Look at body language as well.  Being in a submissive position sends the wrong message. Yes, your derriere may look hot while you are on all-fours, but might be confusing to a sub. They might be thinking "Is she really a Domme?". Keep your body placement in mind. Shoulders straight look confident versus kneeling or eyes lowered. 

Choose your content. Picture filters are fun, but some send the wrong message. We look adorable in those pictures, but is this the correct place to post? Looking like a woodland creature is good if you are attracting subs that are into the furry lifestyle. Keep your target audience in mind when choosing what to post. I know when I posted my cosplay pictures, I alienated some subs, but I attracted those with similar interests. 


Surroundings, body language, and content are important. Get the most out of your pictures. Use them to bring the right subs to you. Good luck.