by on September 8, 2019

I've been neglecting my self care for a month or so. Yesterday, I decided to get a pedicure as well as a manicure. There are times when a Goddess can be overworked, and simply need that time alone. No subs, no real life, just that Me time everyone eventually needs. Yesterday for about an hour was my Me time. However, once finished it provided a wonderful opportunity to exploit and use my property for my own pleasure.

I love playing little games where in the end, the sub loses. Though, to be honest? Any and all interaction with me is the high light of their day, and they're simply unworthy. Working hard to prove oneself to Me is a daily occurrence and ritual.

A simple game of choose the color I received during my spa day, turned into something so much more. My sub of 5 years was able to know exactly what I wanted before I even gave him the option of meeting that need. I had 3 rewards chosen: 1. $50 more on top of paying for my nails. 2. Sending me BOTH keys to the new cage, for a short time. (Have to remain safe, yet kinky.) 3. $75 more on top of paying for the spa services.

The color was green.

He chose option 2. However upon learning of his reward, he then told me he had already sent me 1 of the keys, trying to surprise me. How fucking cute is that? Knowing exactly what his Goddess would want, before being told? I think a long lasting power exchange should evolve into some form of this through the years.

The very exciting bit of this day? I checked the mail shortly after the conversation, and low and behold - there was the key.

To meet my needs and go above and beyond is what I am seeking in submissives. My kitten is definitely enslaved mentally, physically, and yes emotionally. Although very soon I will hold the keys, literally, to his freedom - I know I control him in a deeper way. His loyalty, devotion, and submission is apparent in how eager he is... to please me in every way possible. I believe that is what every submissive should strive to do, if they are seeking long term submission with a powerful woman. 

If interested in knowing more about me and my domination style, approach with an American Amazon gift card to the email, then message me on skype: kasai_

-Goddess Lotus