Curvy Miss Q
by on September 8, 2019

I learned some things pretty quickly when I started online from social media and from some other amazing ladies online,one of the biggest things I learned was not to waste my own time,seems obvious doesn't it!

I would see (and still do) the term time waster been used,I have used it myself but as someone pointed out to me,you only allow them to waste the time you give them

You make the rules,you decide how much of your time you want to give away,you decide the point where you feel it has to move on or not 

I can tell when it is genuine and when they just want my time and nothing else 

But I think it is a term that is thrown around wrongly sometimes,I see it get used to describe those who haven't sent someone a tribute but decide to tribute someone else insetad

Also some people get off on it! They enjoy taking hours of your time promising you the world but giving you nothing,they like the attention you give them,they may enjoy screen shots and so on of your converstaion being put on social media and websites

I am always mindful of who I give my time to and how much,it is mine after all