by on September 9, 2019

I think the allure of the findom world attracts many people for different reasons. I guess I can't really speak for all dommes or subs however I think the issue is when: How do I know I'm speaking with someone genuine or at least share the same intentions. Am I speaking with a sub who is actually going to do deliver what he is promosing and not waste my time? Am I speaking with a domme who is going to provide what I need or ghost me after my tribute? It's even more frustrating when you google about findomme and see a top link as "Money for nothing? Here's a guide to financial domination for ..." Its not money for nothing, it is a very powerful interaction and you as a domme have responsibility over your sub and regardless of the situation you need to make sure that person is sanely consenting to such and can emotionally and financially handle such consequences.

I think it's difficult when sexual attraction, getting caught in the moment or being on that 'domme or sub high' can cloud judgements. The reason findomme is so powerful is because of what that money represents. Speaking with a sub the other day he told me 'I give part of myself in that transaction'. I have to agree, for you subs, that money you work so hard for, save and ultimately give up for your domme involves immense trust and intimacy. I feel if you're in it purely for the money you aren't a true domme. Furthermore, there are so many dommes who is right for you? Not all dommes are right for you are neither are all subs right for a domme. I have heard many a domme say this and it's absoltely right. Get a sub who is going to provide you with what you want and need. Equally, I am never going to pick up a sub that I don't think I could provide for, why would I? The d/s relationship simply won't work and they will ultimately loose interest if I cannot give them what they need. Relationships of this nature is like anything there needs to be chemistry, mutual understanding, strong communication, trust and ultimately a bond between the two for it work. Going back to my previous point of who is the right domme for you? We all offer something different and yes we are into findom but ultimately we have different passions in life, different hobbies, interests etc. I am NOT a prodomme and will never claim to be as such however if you want someone with experience do your research into them and make sure that power dynamic is going to be right for you.

For myself I took a long break however after finding out I was getting a job promotion and the thrill of knowing I will have more money, be in managerial position and be far better off, I was drawn back onto the site. Why? Simply put: I get a thrill and crave success and power for myself. I worked damn hard to get to the position I am in now financially, with my career etc. I don't need a subs money, I have plently, I live in a gorgeous home and have a fabulous boyfriend. I enjoy the thrill of becoming more successful and subs worshipping and devoting to me. That's what I enjoy. 

I don't mean for any of this post to sound like what other dommes have repeated either, I am simply writing my thoughts as they come to my head. I hope you have enjoyed them. 

Goddess Gee x

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