by on September 10, 2019


Dear Diary...Sitting at a Hooters Eatery on a Saturday night alone was not the bachelors dream date by far. The scenery was sublime to a lonely old pervert like me, old being about 42 if you can imagine that. A young woman maybe 25 at best younger if I let my mind wander a bit, she approached my table to take my order.

My voice stammered a bit as my gaze fixated on her lovely bountiful chest. The whole time I stared and stammered out my order she just stood there smiling and writing it all down. I watched her as she left my table to drop off my order and make my drink, a mild and meek little whisky and coke. I wasnt a very adventurous man by far, but the things going around my head as I drooled over my waitress watching her every move would make a priest blush im sure.

As she sat my drink down before me her breasts mere inches from my face, it was all I could do to not reach and and grab her tshirt with my teeth. I breathed a sigh of relief as she left the table to tend to other customers, leaving her wonderful floral scent behind. As I continued to smell her lingering scent, I slowly sipped my drink and my brain went on a journey of epic perverted proportions. My food was taking longer than normal to arrive , given the half empty eatery but I wasnt complaining or maybe in my head silently I was?

Whatever the case I still stayed fixated on my beautiful waitress and her slightly bouncy still beautiful breasts barely contained in the cute little tank top im sure she called a shirt. Her orange shorts seemingly barely covering her luscious posterior and showing off her lust worthy thighs. Any man would have to be stupid to not be with her if they had the chance, but here I sat silent and perverted. Not that I had a chance with her mind you, just musing to myself.

Once I had reached the bottom of my glass she reappeared with my food and inquired of another drink for me. I agreed as I inhaled once again her dreamy, floral scent. She smiled as she placed the drink before me and seemed to linger for a moment longer than before. She finally left and I dug in whole hog into my blissful plateful of hotwings. Needless to say it didnt take long for me to need another drink, and once more she obliged but told me that it would be the last one, especially since she thought I was driving. I smiled halfheartedly and sheepishly as she left and brought me back once more drink.

Smiling she seemed to lean in further than before for a few seconds, then stood up and giggled a bit as she looked at my red face. As she walked away her delicious posterior kept calling to me but I dared not heed that call, I wasnt no idiot. Well I was but for totally different reasons I may go into later.

I looked over my food and finished it then took my last drink. The waitress brought the check. I walked up to the counter to pay and my lovely waitress was there sitting near the register taking a break as I paid my bill. She smiled at me and I felt like I could melt in a puddle of goo. I was on my way out the door when she called to me. I walked over to her and she asked me about my car keys. I held them up to hsow her, she grabbed them quickly and held them behind her back.

She walked away to a dark corner that had a payphone in it. I followed her hesitantly but yet eagerly at the same time., felt almost like a lamb led to slaughter. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me in close to her. I felt as t hough I would pass out being this close to her. She instructed me to forget about my keys for the time being. She said she knew I was a lusty old perv and that I would be doing everything she said. I just nodded in agreement. SOmewhere between her scent and the whisky made my head all aflutter.

I was instructed to go to the atm in the corner furthest from her and withdraw $250. I tried to say no but she held my keys up and jingled them before me and I could feel my shame and humiliation setting in. All the "what ifs" filled my head and with more shame than before i walked over to the atm and withdrew the cash. I walked back to the payphone and handed the money to her with the expectation that she would give me my keys. She didnt. I was amazed and upset at the same time. all I could eek out of my open maw was a squeaky little "why?".

The waitress told me that I would be given my house key off the ring. I would be calling myself a cab to take me home. At some point the next day I would bring her another $250 at work and would finally receive my keys. I could not believe this was happening to me and yet here I sit writing it all down like a moron glutton for punishment. I survived the ordeal needless to say and learned a lesson, I loved her brand of mean and that I would be going back for many more meals and drinks as well. It is fun when you find a purpose in your life, it really is.