by on September 11, 2019

Owned by Goddess CopperLotus

Today I took another step in my total submission to Goddess by asking Her if we can install Team Viewer (TV) on my machine?  Without any hesitation She said yes, which did not surprise me as we had discussed this in the past.  I downloaded and installed the program.  Goddess then asked for the id and password which I turned over immediately.  I saw my background go grey and the TV window pop up on my screen in the upper corner.  I knew that Goddess was now in control of my machine. She also watches me every Wednesday on skype via call. Sometimes I am privileged and see Her, but more often than not, I have no clue when She is watching me. I am completely on display and vulnerable for Her pleasure and entertainment.


I got excited in seeing Goddess move the cursor around the screen, or should I say tried to get excited as the pink, sissy cage prevented that from happening fully.

I know there is more in store as this was just getting the program setup and seeing how my machine reacted performance wise, but I cannot wait to see what Goddess has in store for me.


Thank You Goddess for continuing my evolution as Your slave.