by on September 30, 2019

Do not go blindly friending subs.Not caring about a sub's status isnt a good thing. It is not in your best interest to friend subs that are owned or under consideration either. If you are unsure of a subs status, perhaps send them a message first to inquire.Respect a subs status as it pertains to his ownership and owner. A sub who is under consideration is no different, for all intents and purposes you should just consider them off limits as much as the owned subs. Respect goes a long way when interacting with people online.

Subs are not like pokemon, you dont have to try and friend or own them all. Quality is best over quantity. Although from a marketing standpoint I can see the advantage of having many sub friends.

But never fear, we all make mistakes.Dont fear having to say sorry for making a mistake . We all had to start from somewhere right? Just be careful when friending and interacting with subs, especially when you are totally new to a site.