by on September 30, 2019

I have been with Mistress Pauley for 6 years. In the beggining, she would only take a little bit of tribute or gifts from me, then she would cut me off. There were no bill payments allowed at all. I, of course, quickly developed a strong desire to spend more. This is NOT typical of other dommes, if you are brand new here.

Then, very, very slowly, she allowed just a little more spending. I jumped on that gratefully and spent more as she allowed. Over the 6 years, this has continued, slowly increased spending. She rarely if ever makes demands. She expects me to please her and surprise her.

Now there has been another loosening of my spending limits. She lets me spend freely on her, so far. I have been trained over 6 years to value being allowed to spend on her. So, I am so grateful for the loosening. And, I am learnng to be grateful for the very gradual approach, as well.

Thank you, Mistress Pauley, for increasing my unspoken spending limits. Thank you for taking more from me, Mistress Pauley. Thank you for continuing my enslavement, Mistress Pauley. Thank you, Mistress Pauley.

Your worship slave,