Ms. Pauley Belle
by on September 30, 2019

   Written words are powerful. They can arouse emotion. A simple word choice can change the reader's mindset. For this, one should pay attention to options. I notice many posts using the word "need" where the word "desire" would be the better alternative.


   Need is something basic, an absolute necessity. We need food, air, sleep, shelter, etc.. These are essentials. A Dominant should be able to provide for themselves. They should have control of their requirements.


   Desire is the craving to seize your wants. These are the objects or experiences that enrich our lives. Commodities submissives can provide for our pleasure. These are the extras, the treats. 


   A need is integral to our lives. They tend to be physiological. Saying, "I need" something from a submissive, hands the power away. Desires are more psychological. They are not important to our existence. We "want" to have or achieve. When a submissive fulfill this craving, the Dominant has the mastery.


   How we utter our commands is important. The phrase will affect how the submissive perceives our authority. Be commanding when you express yourself instead of appearing impotent.