Ms. Pauley Belle
by on October 2, 2019

   Many Dommes love Halloween. Tricks and Treats galore this holiday. Little subs will be bewitched under our spells. Sexy costumes make tease and denial that much sweeter. Speaking of sweet, the treats we receive are devilishly tasty. Spooky how much you will want to tribute this month. 


   This challenge is for unowned subs to sink their fangs into. Seek out six Dommes that have a haunting enchantment over you. Of the six, pick three to send cash and three to purchase gifts off their wish list. Like a ghost, send it silently, I am sure the ladies will scream with delight with their surprise goodies. 


   Owned subs will surely fill their owners' cauldrons with thrilling treats. Make the month magic. Let the Halloween hijinks begin.