Curvy Miss Q
by on October 8, 2019

I tell a lot of subs that approach me just how important  this is and it not just limited to researching the Domme you wish to approach 

It is just as imporatnt to research any new fetish and kink you want to try or if you are new to fetish and kink research is very important

Why is it important? Well first of all it saves time,if you read the profiles,look at any soacial media accounts,webistes and so on of the Domme you wish to approach it will give you the information you need before contacting her,not only does it give you all the information you need to make inital contact but it shows effort

Another thing I see is subs saying they were ripped off or the person they contaced was fake,check websites,clip stores and so on before hand 

Research also provides the opportunity to learn and explore more,I am always trying to increase my knowledge on all things kink and  about my subs,it helps me find out what makes them tick,what they enjoy about a particular kink,I also like to look at things from a subs perspective all can be done by reading blogs,looking at polls or simply by asking 

 There is a safety elemet involved,if there is pain,kicking,trampling and so on involved make sure you research the person you approach with such a request before allowing anything to happen