Curvy Miss Q
by on October 10, 2019

I understand how hard it is for subs,I know how nervous you feel especially when you start to feel submissive thoughts and feelings or when you notice you enjoy a particular kink and fetish,I know how hard it must be to approach a dominant woman,I know it seems scary,it may take a while to find the courage to type that inital message and even more scary when you hit send but don't let it scare you,it could be the first step into something amazing

I know it seems scary to want to understand more and explore your submissive side but don't let that stop you,I understand that you think it may make you feel weak but you are not,it is quite the opposite,it is ok to want to submit,it is ok to want to serve a dominant woman and hand over control 

I understand the pressure you must feel and be under to act "masculine" but being submissive does not make you less of a man

I pride myself in creating a safe,non judgemental space for my subs and in my sessions,I want you to be the real you and explore that side,it is an amazing journey we can go on together,you can share with me and together we can share soemthing amazing,so I know it seems scary but it really is not and does not have to be