Miss Deviant
by on October 10, 2019

With social media apparently waging war on sex workers, it's now becoming increasingly difficult to post NSFW material out there. Facebook & Instagram don't allow any NSFW at all and now the home of unsolicited dick pics; Snapchat, seem to be changing their stance on sexual material.

Fact is; if you're a sex worker, you're pretty much ostracised from many of the larger social media platforms, especially since the introduction of SESTA/FOSTA.

So that's why I have a nice little fan club for you to join.

IWantFanClub is the place I post all My NSFW material. These can be sexy pictures, videos, vlogs, tasks, and even access to My Kik or Skype ID. In a nutshell, I'm basically posting on there what we are no longer allowed to post on social media. 

I generally post several times a day and on the days I'm offline, I'll schedule some posts so it keeps the feed going and in turn, keeps your arousal going. I'm kind to you that way. 

Anyway, come & take a look. I'm sure you will find it very, very interesting!