by on October 31, 2019

So recently I spent time with a male from another site. I refuse to name him due to the fact that I do not par-take in drama. Also if you are a Domme who knows this person by how I have described it DON'T name him. You may message me. But no public freebies.


So a few weeks ago I had more and a few days of private chat with and account on here. The personality behind the account was fun to talk to and general enjoyed all that we spoke about. It wasn't all kink related. Some was over his back ground and problems he was having. I didn't mind giving tips and tricks. Over the course of about 2 weeks though he started to soar.

Jealous of my other pets, wanting to have "purpose and be put to use as a great ATM"...I started to pay attention. He would message at random times and require a lot of attention. another red flag. Yet he also started to get jealous of my family life. When I still didn't bite and get pissed as he was used to he changed tactics.

At this point two can play at this game. 

I still enjoyed the company but by the first week of messaging I already knew he was bogus. It was just a matter of time before I left him hang himself with his own lies. That came last night. The promise of money was sprung. (In my head I am already yeah right).

Bank details where exchanged from an account that is already protected against withdrawls. Without access to my cell phone. Elaborate lies where made on his part. I had no reason to lie about anything as I am an open book. 

When asked earlier to verify with skype he conveniently couldn't recover his account and he smashed his laptop. When turning to kik, he would conveniently not check his messages. 

My point being to this whole blog...if he had spent the amount of time he spent coming up with lies on getting a job, improving his anger issues and being honest...He would have had a pretty good dynamic with me. 

I am just amazed at the amount of time people will go into to lie about everything. It always unravels in the end. Every single thing I told him was true. I have never relied on just one sub or one set things for my income. I still travel. I still speak to subs who wish to enjoy shopping trips (online) and I still spend time getting to know each sub I find interesting. I won't change who I am because this one person lied. I won't change what sites I use because of one person. 

Jokes on them. My life still goes on. I will still get the laptop he claimed he wanted to purchase from another sub. So what exactly did this person gain?? I see nothing??