Curvy Miss Q
by on October 31, 2019

Everyone has their own likes/dislikes,has their own boundaries and limits,not everyone likes the same kink or enjoys the same fetish 

Each Domme sets her own rules and does things her own way,not all subs like to be called names or want to be humiliated 

It is not a one size fits all scenario,kink is not generic,not everyone wants to serve/be served in the same way

Why am I writing this? Because I see (not on here)  women being criticised for stuff like saying thank you to a sub or they are told they are being to mean or maybe not strict/mean enough,I (like any other Domme) do things my own way,what I may do someone else won't and vice versa and on the flip side subs can get criticised as well

Lets save the generic one size for clothing!