by on October 31, 2019


About me:

Started training as a submissive in 2000.
Started dominating in 2001.
37 years old.
Caring and softer Domme style.
Manners, I have them and expect you to as well.
Curvy in all the right places.
Strict yet playful.

Above all else I am a Lifestyle Financial Dominatrix. This means that even though I enjoy many different kinks, money is always involved. I am not a one size fits all domme. Which is why I do not demand tributes up front. What I want is a decent email introduction. Tell me about you and what you need (keyword is not want but NEED) from a potential Domme. If I approach you then your profile got my attention. I will approach if I think it is worth my time. However, if I feel someone is being lazy in their mode of serving me, I move on. My time is better spent with people who wish to serve and be useful. If you are looking for someone who is just going to spend your money on things YOU want then don't come to me.

I may even sound like a flat out bitch when I say, "I don't need you, you need me" but I am honest. See:

  • my bills are paid.
  • I have a family.
  • I own my home.
  • I travel all over the world.
  • I pay my taxes.
  • I pay for my needs.

I am not here to find a paypig to pay for any of that as I have made my career successfully by buying and reselling my businesses. I have reinvested my profits to make sure I am dependent on NO ONE. That is what sets me apart from most.

If you wish to send before messaging that is up to you but a prefer you not. There is a reason. I want to know how you are as a person before you submit to me. 

My subs need to be useful. Meaning they purchase things that I actually use. It could be something like a laptop or it could be a fur coat that I find amazing. My subs need to know that I will find out what will fit the needs of both me and my sub. They know that I will do what is best for them even if it may not be exactly what they want.

Things I want to know;

  • Do we fit with other kinks as well as financial domination?
  • Are you a local sub?
  • Are you in another country that I travel to often?
  • Do you have any experience?
  • Are you looking for a long term Dynamic?
  • Are you willing to voice chat or video chat clothed with no kink involved?
  • Do you have a stable income?
  • What can you offer me?
  • Are you mature enough for a dynamic?

Any subs may approach here or on any of my other platforms. Even if it is just a simple question.