by on November 1, 2019

So a few days ago someone asked me why I don't take down blogs that are obviously rants. 


My answer was simply this:

Yes it may help me looking "better" in the public eye to take down all of my rant post. But here is the thing, I don't want to "look" better. I want to be ME.

Me isn't perfectly polished. I have flaws. Even with my experience I have falling into the silver tongued trap as well. I have flown off the hinge and chased away a sub out of anger. And I have also nailed someone to the "wall of shame" that shouldn't have been.

I believe to more real and true to who I am, the better I will attract subs who can handle my moody swings, deal with my whims and throughly enjoy my bubbly playful side as well. 

Sure I will grow and change as time goes on. Just as I want subs who serve long term to grow and evolve as well.

Who know what strong submissive will find this style better than another? It really doesn't matter much too me. Me being me has proven to be successful with so many things I have done. I am not a one size fits all Domme, just as I do not want a one size fits all sub,