by on November 5, 2019

My Perspective as an financial extremist.


I have been in the world of Dominatrix for about 7 years now. I fell into it by total accident, and believe to this day it's my calling.

Having control over everything in my life is something that i've always needed to have and luckily i found a kink that i was able to put to use with it. 



I'd like to share a few thoughts regarding my experience in the BDSM lifestyle, and also what i believe many people get confused by. 

To start, i will proudly and openly admit that i am an extremist. I enjoy extreme TPE, Budgeting, Loans, and making my sub's life changing decisions. It does NOT mean things aren't negotiable. I believe alot of people (more specifically subs) tend to think that because i'm an extremist, that i'm going to send them into total bankruptcy over night and completely deminish their life in the snap of my finger. Though possible, it isn't how it works. 

MY perspective on extremity is long term, commited and obedience. Just like for a sub, losing any amount of control is a turn on,it works the same for us dommes. Any form of GAINING control is a turn on for us. It's all mainly the thrill of the sub sacrificing something for us. More specifically money. 


I cringe so hard sometimes when i see(Subs and dommes) who attempt to join this lifestyle, doing absolutely zero research, not knowing anything about the sincerety of a D/S relationship, and thinking you can just call somebody a "loser" and you'll be rolling in dough. The great maority of any type of BDSM is mental stimulation and it's really all based in the brain. 


My Personal reasons for enjoying Financial Domination vs. Straight Femdom

I have found, that even going way back in history, a man is seen as the 'provider'. Money is what generally gives men power. Look at Sugar daddies who have these younger women engage in 'sugar relationships' with them, for the sole purpose of money. Or old-school marriages where the man works and the woman takes care of the home and children. Her husband is considered 'Head of household' why? Again, MONEY. I use financial domination in my practice because i find once you strip a man of his money, you're also stripping him of his power, and THAT is where submission and control come into play. 


I have had one sub in my 7 years of Findom practice, who I ordered, to take out a loan for me. I woke up two days later to 10k in my account. I was aroused, mentally and sexually, mainly due to the obedience. 


I had a sub who was only allowed to show up to my house with $500 in cash, imported cuban cigars and an item i'd demand before he came. He showed up with it every single time, and did chores around my house, in clothes we picked out together. 


These are just examples of obedience that i look for, and the relationships that meant alot to me. I've also had a sub who was in college and could only send me 40$ a week. I found out he only made 100$ every 2 weeks from having a weekend job, and he was sending me 80% of his earnings. Again, i loved it due to the SACRIFICE. 


Moral of my little 'rant' is that, if you see the word "extremist" or you find a domme that is into heavy Financial Domination, don't get scared and rule them out if you're interested in pursuing them, because 9/10, we will talk first about everything. I for one make PERSONALIZED contracts, based on the slave's income, bills etc. Everything is discussed and signed before even proceeding. Don't miss out on a good opportunity with a domme, because you're afraid.