by on November 7, 2019

I am committed to write one general blog each month detailing how my submission to Mistress Pauley is going. Right now, I am WAY BEHIND. no

Currently, I seem to be moving away from over concern about my spending and towards giving freely to Mistress Pauley. Her desires and priorities are becoming mine. Part of that is the stock market and how it affects my retirement funds. The market is way up and generates new cash every month for Mistress Pauley's pleasure. The other part is that I have been with Mistress Pauley for six years and her very slow traning and development seem to be taking effect. I am now like Mistress Pavlov's dog, jumping to please whenever she rings my bell.

As for the spending, it all washes compared to my being in a vanilla relatonship. The money I spend on Mistress is offset by not having to spend on a partner. I lead a simple lifestyle, cheap apartment, used car, careful budgeting and all that frees up money for Mistress Pauley.

Thank you for how you treat me, Mistress Pauley.

Your grateful slave,