Pauley playtoy-OwnedByPB
by on November 17, 2019

My obligation to go without release for 18 months has reached the 2 month mark. My Orgasm Denial thank you gifts to Mistress Pauley for November are the Black Leather Tote Bag and the Dark Chocolate Ginger. The symbolism is my sacricfie to buy Mistress Pauley handbags which for some reason excites me. It is my way of both pleasing Mistress Pauley and, at the same time, thanking her for letting me buy her handbags. The dark chocolate is symbolic of my need to please Mistress Pauley with treats.

Also, of course, I am paying Mistress Pauley to be allowed to go without release.

Thank you for not letting me release, Mistress Pauley. I need to go without to maintain my proper submissiveness to Your Holy Will, Mistress Pauley.