by on January 15, 2020

So... I've decided to commit to chastity for the first time ever and I need the community's help!

Chastity is something that has interested me for a long time. There are a few reasons for this, but principally it boils down to three things.

First of all, I struggle to see any better method of demonstrating devotion to a Domme. This raises my first question, as being committed to finding a real world relationship is somewhat at odds to this. Are there any instances of chastity working effectively alongside a dating life? Any examples would be very welcome.

Secondly there's the fear factor, the sense of not knowing when that next precious release might come. Are there mechanisms that we could use to increase this sense of jeopardy? Maybe a risk versus reward system, with a smattering of consequence thrown in for good measure... Could this perhaps integrate with my first question in some way?

Thirdly I have a distinct lack of self control when it comes to self satisfaction. I've elected to purchase lockedinlust's Vice Chastity device to try and prevent escape but there's still a chance I could wriggle free. Has anyone encountered other effective anti-escape mechanisms? Something that provides a shock could be interesting but they don't seem to exist, or maybe something that sends a tamper alert to the key holder could also work.

Also grateful for any other hints and tips to avoid other potential pitfalls I've yet to encounter, advice on best practice, comfort, getting started, hygiene. Everything really! Any and all advice gratefully received from both ends of the dynamic.

Thank you in advance.