Curvy Miss Q
by on January 16, 2020

Everyone has a different style,a different attitude,a different way of doing things and their own rules but it does not matter what you enjoy or how you do things as long as you just do you!

There is no need to try and be something else or try and be like someone else

One of the many great things about being dominant and exploring the world of fetish and kink is it has let me explore myself as a person and what I really enjoy and just as importantly what I do not enjoy,it has taught me to have the confidence to do things the way I want,to set and make my own rules and also to express myself creatively and to just be me

The way you do things will always differ to those around you and that is a good thing,it would be boring and bland if we were to all the same

Some will enjoy a certain kink that you may not,some Domme's may thank their subs you may never utter those words to yours but it does not matter,that is someone else style that is someone elses way of doing things they are doing them and you are doing you! It is not a competition 

Putting on a false pretense will only get you so far,do not worry about what others around you are doing  it is a waste of time and energy just do your thing and enjoy it,just do you!